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There are so many painters out there, how do I decide which company to use? 2017-05-31T11:23:58-07:00

Consider what it means to work with a local company. We have lived in Marin all our lives and are invested in the community. We will be here for you now AND in the future.  Our advice is to use a licensed painting contractor. There are many advantages listed below. And it is a good idea to check the company’s references.

What are the advantages of using a Licensed Contractor? 2017-05-31T11:23:58-07:00

While having a license doesn’t ensure the quality of a paint job, licensed contractors are trained and skilled professionals who know the proper techniques and materials for preparation, the best paints for each individual application, etc.
Using a licensed contractor offers you the consumer some protection and recourse that you do not have with unlicensed workers.

Safety: A licensed contractor carries General Liability insurance that protects you upon signing a contract.

To check on a contractor’s license visit the Contractors State License Board website.

AJ PaintMasters Plus carries General Liability that protects you upon signing a contract with us. You are added to our policy as an “Additional Insured”. Ask yourself this, if you’re uninsured unlicensed worker causes property damage or suffers an injury on your property who is responsible? You are. Most Home Owners policies will exclude claim coverage for unlicensed or uninsured workers.

We live and work in Marin County. We are proud members of our community and value the reputation we have professionally and personally.

We suggest you check out our references. We have many satisfied clients throughout the County; we are primarily a referral-based company. We’ve grown our business on the long lasting quality of our workmanship.

Why should I use a premium paint instead of just a standard paint? Sometimes premium paint can be expensive. 2017-05-31T11:23:58-07:00

Your investment now in high quality materials will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Premium paints are formulated to provide you with a richness and depth of color. They cover better with a single application and are often less porous. Premium paints add years to your paint project saving you labor and materials costs over the life of your paint job.  Premium paint generally covers better than less expensive paints, so less is needed, resulting in less time to apply it.

What should be considered when choosing an interior paint vs. an exterior paint? 2017-05-31T11:23:58-07:00

Interior Paint:

  • Good scrub ability and stain resistance
  • Good hiding ability
  • Easier touch up

Exterior Paint:

  • Color retention
  • Resistance to fading
  • Flexibility (to withstand expansion and contraction due to weather)
  • Mildew resistant
I received a proposal several hundreds of dollars less than yours. Why? 2017-05-31T11:23:58-07:00

We can’t speak to the level of quality other painters might provide. We can only speak to the quality we provide. We know that the quality of any jobs starts with the preparation. We always place an emphasis on detailed surface preparation so that your finished project will last a long time. We offer a 2 year limited guarantee to ensure your confidence in our skills and qualifications and we stand behind our reputation.  Also keep in mind that hiring a licensed paint contractor offer several advantages as stated above.

We don’t have allergies or chemical sensitivities. Why should we use zero VOC paints? 2017-05-31T11:23:58-07:00

The simple answer it that it is the right thing to do for the environment. Using zero VOC painting products protect the environment during the manufacture, use and ultimate disposal of the products. They are less harmful to the people applying the paint and you do not expose anyone to the potentially harmful “out gassing” process involved in paints that contain VOC’s. The full effect of exposure to VOC’s is not known, so even though you don’t experience an adverse reaction, you may be unnecessarily exposing yourself and your family to unknown risks. Eventually, the EPA will require that all painting products contain zero VOCs. Get ahead of the curve now.